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Shipping & Returns

Where are you located?

We keep marketing office at United States. No stocks here. We are shipping directly from our factory at china, no added commissions and no extra profits.


Due to the large amount of items we ship, and the diversity of our orders, there is no way to determine actual shipping cost ahead of time. We can however provide you with a shipping estimate. One of our sales representatives will review your order once you place it, we will charge you an average cost of $60 USD for an orders about $400 USD, if your order is a heavy one then we will contact you to pay the difference.And don’t worry you will be given an option for an instant %100 refund in case you are not satisfied with shipping rates.

Minimum Quantities & Less than Minimum Orders

We highly advice our clients to place orders not less than $400 USD. Because our biggest challenge is "Shipping Cost". We want to save your money by shipping big orders. Please note that all shipping companies will charge high for the first one pound but the charges will be easier for the second pound and so on...

How many days it will take to get my order delivered?

We use DHL, FedEx, UPS and alternative for shipping. Your order will take four days to be delivered once it departure our factory. But we need some time to prepare your order since we own one factory at china. So the total delivery time could be about 1-2 weeks.


Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We work hard to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable. If it is our or shipping company fault, we will resolve the issue promptly. Anyhow Return Merchandise Authorization must be obtained within 7 days of receipt. WE DO NOT ACCEPT UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. %10 plus all shipment charges will be deducted .
%10 plus all shipment charges will be deducted.

Payment Options

Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal. Alternative Methods: T/T payment, we will provide our representative bank account. We usually ask clients to pay their payment using PayPal for orders less than $1000 USD. Otherwise, we give an option for TT payment to none taxing country for big orders.